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AVONE -active ingredient 150 g/litre indoxacarb as the S-isomer

For the control of diamond back moth, and cabbage white butterfly in vegetable brassicas, leaf roller caterpillars in kiwifruit, soybean looper in lettuce, codlingmoth and leafroller caterpillars (light brown apple moth, green-headed leafroller, brown-headed leafroller) in apples and pears and leafroller caterpillars in grapes. Product File Downloads:   AVONE Label


A broad-spectrum organophosphate insecticide for the control of insect pests in pasture, forage brassicas and other agricultural crops. Product File Downloads: DIAZATE-LABEL Product Safety Card Diazate - Diazinon 800 EC (08.10.15) SDS Diazate - Diazinon 800 EC (07.10.15)

IMIDATAR -active ingredient 600g/ltr Imidacloprid

For use as a seed treatment on cereals, forage brassicas, grass seed, maize, sweetcorn, potatoes, pumpkins and winter squash. Product File Downloads: Product Safety Card Imidatar - Imidacloprid 600 SC (28.08.15) SDS Imidatar - Imidacloprid 600 SC (09.09.15) IMIDATAR Label

METHOD 240SC-ACTIVE INGREDIENT 240g/litre methoxyfenozide

A target specific insecticide for the control of codling moth on pipfruit and leaf rollers on avocados, grapes, kiwifruit, nectarines, peaches and pipfruit. Product File Downloads: METHOD 240SC-LABEL Product Safety Card Method 240 SC - Methoxyfenozide 240 SC (01.07.16) SDS Method 240 SC - Methoxyfenozide 240 SC (01.07.16)

REGRESSOR -active ingredient 200g/litre Fipronil

For the control of diamondback moth and white butterfly in vegetable brassica, Kellys thrip in citrus, mushroom flies in mushrooms and thrips in onions. Product File Downloads: Product Safety Card Regressor - Fipronil 200 SC (19.08.15) SDS Regressor - Fipronil 200 SC (19.08.15) REGRESSOR Label