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ELITO -active ingredient 430g/ltr Tebuconazole

A systemic triazole (DMI) fungicide for the control of diseases in cereals, grass seed crops, peas and onions, for the control of brown rot in stone-fruit and to control rust and fusarium in pasture. Product File Downloads: Product Safety Card Elito - Tebuconazole 430 SC (28.08.15) SDS Elito - Tebuconazole 430 SC (17.09.15) ELITO Label

YIZOXTAR -active ingredient 250g/ltr azoxystrobin

For the control of a wide range of diseases in Wheat, Barley, Potatoes, Grapes, Field Tomatoes, Peas, Onions, Ryegrass seed crops, Sweetcorn and Maize. Product File Downloads: Product Safety Card Yizoxtar - Azoxystrobin 250 SC (24.07.15) SDS Yizoxtar - Azoxystrobin 250 SC (28.07.15) YIZOXTAR-20L Label YIZOXTAR-5L Label