Home Herbicides 2-4D POWER – 800g/kg 2,4-D (As DMA Salt)

2-4D POWER – 800g/kg 2,4-D (As DMA Salt)

Non-volatile soluble granules for broadleaf weed control in cereals and pasture. 2-4D POWER is compatible with most other agricultural chemicals.

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Product Safety Card 2,4-D Power – 2,4-D 800 SG (23.07.15)
SDS 2,4-D Power – 2,4-D 800 SG (26.08.15)
2,4-D POWER Label


2-4D POWER is damaging to clovers, especially red, suckling and subterranean clover, and plantain and chicory. To minimize clover damage where clovers are actively growing, hard graze to remove as much clover leaf as possible before spraying. Do NOT spray hay or silage paddocks. After spraying with 2-4D POWER, poisonous plants (e.g. ragwort) may become more palatable. Stock should be kept away from the area until the plants have died down.

2-4D POWER will control a wide range of pasture weeds. Weeds are best controlled as small seedlings. Use the lower rate on seedlings and the higher rate on larger weeds, or during periods of hardened growth. Do not apply if crop or weeds are stressed. Weed control may be unsatisfactory where low soil temperatures inhibit plant growth. Larger plants and established biennials are often not well controlled, and perennial plants are not well controlled.

Buttercups and thistles are generally better controlled with MCPA. Some weeds (e.g. Californian thistle, bindweed) require repeat applications. To improve control of large thistles, or phenoxy resistant thistles add.

2-4D POWER is compatible with most other agricultural chemicals. 2-4D POWER may be incompatible with some foliar fertilizers, especially where water rates below 50L/ha are used. If compatibility is unknown, make up a small test batch before mixing large quantities. 2-4D POWER is not compatible with Reaction 9-5-6 0r Reaction 14-4-4.

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