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BRAVE -active ingredient 720g/ltr Chlorothalonil

Brave is a broad spectrum fungicide for the control of fungus diseases in fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops. BRAVE offers you highly cost-effective protection – don’t settle for anything less…

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Product Safety Card Brave – Chlorothalonil 720 SC (25.08.15)
SDS Brave – Chlorothalonil 720 SC (24.08.15)


BRAVE is a broad spectrum fungicide which provides outstanding protectant activity against a range of diseases in over 25 crops.

BRAVE is formulated in Belgium, with a leading-edge surfactant system for superior
coverage and rain-fastness.

The risk of resistance to BRAVE is very low, and it is an ideal choice for use in an alternating fungicide programme.

BRAVE is one of the most cost-effective broad-spectrum protectant fungicides available on
the market.

Low use rates – less formulated chemical.

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