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GLAN-UP -active ingredient 688g/kg Glyphosate

A high strength water soluble granule glyphosate used for non-selective control of most broadleaf weeds and grasses.

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Product Safety Card Glan-Up – Glyphosate 688 SG (28.08.15)
SDS Glan-UP – Glyphosate 688 SG (15.09.15)

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GENERAL INFORMATION: GLAN-UP is a non-selective herbicide. It is absorbed by plant foliage and green stems and is translocated through the plant from point of contact into the root system.

The effects of GLAN-UP may not be apparent for 4-7 days depending on weather conditions, weed species and herbicide use rates. Some perennial weeds may not show effects for 10-20 days.

GLAN-UP herbicide is compatible with most commonly used herbicides. Any mixing should be done according to label recommendations.

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