Home Herbicides ONEHOPE -active ingredient 750g/kg Nicosulfuron

ONEHOPE -active ingredient 750g/kg Nicosulfuron

A post emergent herbicide for the control of perennial and annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in grain and silage maize crops.

Product File Downloads:
Product Safety Card Onehope – Nicosulfuron 750 WG (28.08.15)
SDS Onehope – Nicosulfuron 750 WG (29.09.15)


ONEHOPE is rapidly absorbed by foliage and translocated throughout the weeds. Weeds stop growing immediately and discoloration of weeds occurs, followed by dieback that spreads slowly throughout the weed.

Indications are that ONEHOPE + PARRAFIN OIL is compatible in tank mixtures with Atrazine. Check with the supplier if dicamba or other post-emergent herbicides are to be tank mixed.