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SANKEY –active ingredient 700g/kg Metribuzin

A selective herbicide for pre and post emergence weed control in asparagus, carrots, lentils, Lucerne, maize, peas, potatoes and tomatoes.

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Product Safety Card Sankey – Metribuzin 700 WG (28.08.15)SDS Sankey – Metribuzin 700 WG (25.09.15)

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SANKEY is absorbed by both the roots and the leaves of the weeds causing the weeds to die. Best results are obtained from applications made to actively growing young weeds. As SANKEY also acts through the soil a single application gives residual control as well as a knock-down effect.

NOTE: Since SANKEY is a water dispersible granule, applicators are advised to make sure adequate agitation is used to keep SANKEY in suspension in the spray vat.

When applying post emergence do not combine with emulsifiable concentrates of insecticides or other herbicides. Do not use surfactants.

Do not apply fungicide/insecticide sprays within 5 days of SANKEY application to potatoes and tomatoes.

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